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Weight Loss

Enhance wellness &
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Medical Weight Loss in Boston, MA

Are you struggling to maintain a healthy weight? Do you need to gain or lose weight? At Boston Direct Health, family physician Dr. Steven Zivich offers weight management treatment to individuals who are either underweight or overweight.

Keeping a stable weight can help boost your energy levels, mobility, strength, emotional well-being, and long-term health. If you have tried other methods without success, it might be time to sit down with a medical professional. With Dr. Zivich’s holistic approach to weight management, he assesses patients as a whole to create a treatment plan that is ideal for them. Call our Boston office today at 617-304-1965  to learn more.

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Your first visit with Dr. Zivich will include a thorough review of your medical history, a physical exam to assess BMI, and laboratory tests to help identify any underlying medical conditions that may be contributing to your weight. Your consultation also includes a follow-up to review your lab results, recommendations on diet, supplements, and possible prescription medications to aid in weight management.


Because our weight management programs are designed and monitored by family physician Dr. Zivich, they are generally safe for the majority of people wanting to lose weight or manage their healthy weight. Before you begin your weight management program, Dr. Zivich will examine you, review your medical history, and consider your current health to create a program that is both safe and effective to help you reach your weight goals.
No matter what diet or exercise program people use, a majority will fail to reach their weight goals. At Boston Direct Health, Dr. Zivich and his team work to not only create a personalized program for your unique needs, but they also provide monitoring, suggestions, lab testing, life skills and new habits, and most importantly, support to help you reach the finish line and maintain results.
In America alone, as many as 75% of adults can be categorized as overweight or obese. Because so many struggle to reach and maintain a healthy weight, weight loss programs are a vital treatment to help those achieve and maintain healthy outcomes.
Recent studies and surveys have shown that only 20% of people who try dieting and exercise reach their health goals. Almost 80% of diets and exercise programs fail to maintain any possible gains after one year.


If you are unable to keep a steady weight, consider seeking help at Boston Direct Health. With doctor-guided instruction, you can shed pounds or gain weight through safe, effective methods. Family physician Dr. Steven Zivich has helped many Boston, MA individuals achieve optimal wellness through weight management therapies.

Body Composition Testing Boston, MA


Taking control of your overall health can be daunting, which is why Boston Direct Health offers a starting point with body composition testing. This is a comprehensive assessment that measures what your body is made of: water, protein, fat, and bone. It’s a more complex and accurate depiction of your current health and weight than calculating body mass index (BMI) alone. Family physician Dr. Steven Zivich is pleased to use the InBody 570 body composition analyzer to break down your weight, muscle-fat ratio, and metabolism. To discover more, call our Boston, MA office today at (617) 304-1965.

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Body composition testing is a quick, nonsurgical assessment that is performed on-site at Boston Direct Health in Boston, MA. The InBody device looks similar to a medical scale. On the day of your appointment, we’ll have you stand on the InBody machine to calculate your body makeup. After a few minutes, the system will print out a full page of detailed measurements. From there, Dr. Zivich will go over your results with you line by line. Body composition testing not only analyzes your current health but can be performed regularly to track changes over time. This assessment also enables you to target problem areas and design a workout and diet plan that suits you.


  • To get a more accurate view of your BMI and current overall health
  • Improve exercise and diet results
  • Monitor health conditions
  • Track changes in health
  • Target specific problem areas for improvement
No, it doesn’t. The electrical current used to measure your body composition is so low that most people don’t even feel it. For the few people who may experience a sensation, it is typically compared to a light tingle.
The InBody 570 body composition testing system is 98% as accurate as the DEXA scan used by hospitals and healthcare providers.
For an average person, a score of 70 – 79 is considered to be a reasonably healthy balance. People who are fit, active, and exercise regularly will have a higher score, whereas people with a lower score tend to be over-or underweight.
  • Women: less than 18% – Low, 18 – 28% – Average, greater than 28% – High
  • Men: less than 10% – Low, 10 – 20% – Average, greater than 20% – High


Body composition testing with InBody is a revolutionary method of measuring your unique anatomy. It also has a 98% accuracy rate, providing factual results. Whether you are looking to gain or lose weight, improve your athletic performance, or want to reduce water retention, InBody is an excellent place to start. Do not hesitate to call Boston Direct Health in Boston, MA at 617-304-1965 to learn more. Family physician Dr. Steven Zivich looks forward to helping you achieve your health goals.

DEXA Scan Boston, MA


DEXA stands for dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry. It’s a type of imaging test that uses a very small dose of ionizing radiation to capture pictures of your bones. It’s also known as bone densitometry because it’s used to measure bone density. This scan is the gold standard for diagnosing osteoporosis and bone fractures. It’s ideal for anyone who has suffered a broken bone, a family history of bone-related issues, health conditions like arthritis or lupus, and is on certain medications that can impact bone strength and thickness. To discover more, contact Boston Direct Health in Boston, MA at 617-304-1965 to book an appointment with family physician Dr. Steven Zivich.


All DEXA scans are performed at Boston Direct Health’s imaging office just a few minutes away from our main practice in Boston, MA. The scan is very quick, easy, and comfortable. First, we’ll have you lie on a table and position you for your scan. You’ll need to hold very still for a few moments as the imaging device passes over your body. Once your scan is complete, you’ll be free to resume your day. We do ask that you avoid wearing jewelry or clothing that has metal buttons and zippers. If you take calcium supplements, these will need to be discontinued for at least 24 hours before your exam.


A DEXA scan is the primary method used for diagnosing osteoporosis and other bone-related conditions. It’s fast, highly accurate, and does not cause pain. Primary care physician Dr. Steven Zivich is excited to offer premier imaging technology to his Boston Direct Health patients. To schedule your exam, contact our office in Boston, MA today at 617-304-1965.

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