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As a family medicine doctor, Dr. Steve is often inspired by his patients and their motivations and gets the privilege to help them meet their goals and support them through their hardships. He was ecstatic when he discovered Direct Primary Care (DPC) because it allows for quality time with his patients without having to rush through visits or adjust necessary medical therapies based simply on what insurance dictates. This allows him to focus on where health care belongs: on his patients.

Dr. Steve’s primary areas of expertise are in performance-based medicine, preventative health management, and lifestyle care. He specializes in the management of chronic illnesses (including HIV), metabolic diseases such as diabetes and obesity, and sports-related injuries. Dr. Steve also offers a variety of services to the LGBTQ+ community, of which he is a proud Member.

After trying every fad diet out there and still struggling with his weight well into his 20s, Dr. Steve became a nutritional advocate. As a medical practitioner, he believes that it is his obligation when working with his patients’ health to provide proper education and guidance with nutrition. He has a strong interest in building nutritional plans that lead to long-lasting results. Dr. Steve completed his undergraduate degree in Biology with a minor in Music at James Madison University in Virginia. Then, he attended the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, completed a Surgical Internship at Boston Medical Center, and a Residency in Family Medicine in 2015 at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA.

Dr. Steve currently resides in the South End and spends much of his free time experimenting with new recipes, playing on his rugby team, and weight training. He’s excited to be a part of the lives of the patients of Boston Direct Health and to finally be able to be the family doctor that he has always wanted to be and that you deserve.

“My favorite treatment is the bioregenerative injectables with Sculptra® and Radiesse. It’s amazing that we can regrow collagen, facial fat and bone with these new advances. We no longer need to rely on filling our faces with gel that make faces look unnatural or getting expensive surgeries.”

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