Take back control of your medical care, by working directly with your Primary Care Physician in Boston without insurance impeding the healthcare and wellness services you deserve.

Boston Direct Health modernizes primary care by utilizing the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model. DPC medical practices have a monthly membership providing access to the Boston Direct Health’s medical team. The monthly fee covers all the medical visits at the practice whether you are coming in for preventative visits, nutritional counseling, management of high blood pressure or diabetes, management of sick visits, or urgent care needs.

What’s included in my BDH membership?

With primary care from Boston Direct Health, membership benefits include:

  • Body composition testing
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Lifestyle care
  • Preventive care
  • Medical appointments readily available, same day and/or next day availabilities for sick visits
  • No co-pays
  • Unlimited, direct communication via phone, email, text, or video chat
  • Reduced likelihood of urgent care visits, emergency department visits
  • Lab draws (phlebotomy) down in office
  • Vaccines (provided at cost) – Influenza vaccines provided for free
  • Botox (provided at 20% off for members)
  • Facial Fillers (provided at 20% off for members)
  • Negotiated prescription discounts on select medications
  • Discounted labs and procedures
  • Free procedures including:
    • EKGs
    • Skin lesion removal/destruction (warts, skin tags, sun spots)
    • Skin lesion excision and biopsy (lab tests not included; provided at cost)
    • Laceration repair/wound care
    • Incision and drainage of abscess (lab tests not included; provided at cost)
    • Ingrown toenail removal
    • Ear wax removal
    • Breathing treatments (nebulizer)
    • Pap smear (lab costs not included; provided at cost)
    • Join aspirations/injections
    • Thrombosed hemorrhoid – removal of blood clots

We also offer discounts for families and businesses.

In addition, we can provide a large amount of care coordination by phone, email, text, and virtual visits when appropriate. We are available to discuss urgent concerns on nights and weekends when needed. We are working hard to create a practice where you can access us so that you can enjoy greater convenience and peace of mind. For pricing and to learn more about membership, contact us today!

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What are the benefits of the Direct Primary Care Model?

  1. Patients have the option to conveniently communicate with their doctors and the health care team through text, phone calls, emails and secure portal messaging. Messages are responded to in a timely manner. You are able to communicate with YOUR doctor 24/7.
  2. Medication refill requests are typically completed within a day or two. With our boutique doctor style direct primary care services we eliminate the hassle of extensive waiting time for refill scripts.
  3. Boston Direct Health still works in conjunction with your health insurance. The difference is we don’t bill health insurance for your care visits. There are no surprise bills from our medical practice, no co-payments, and no need to worry about deductibles.

What about Insurance?

We still recommend patients carry health insurance. The subscription to Boston Direct Health does not meet the state or federal requirements for health insurance, it does not cover any medical care provided by providers outside of Boston Direct Health such as in a hospital or another facility. We work with employer groups to provide additional healthcare benefits for their employees.

Who does this membership plan work best for?

DPC works for anyone who wants to play an active role in improving their health and staying well. This includes:

  • Anyone with high-deductible health plans, Health Savings accounts, PPOs, or no insurance
  • Patients desiring easy and direct communication with their doctor
  • Patients who want a doctor to address the root cause of an illness, not just treat the symptoms
  • Self-insured businesses seeking to provide their employees with affordable health care and improved well-being, while simultaneously reducing everyone’s healthcare spending

Boston Direct Health also specializes in care for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Why choose Boston Direct Health?

Most concierge doctors charge a monthly or yearly fee to provide access to their medical practice and the doctors but they still bill the health insurance of their members.

Unlike these other concierge doctor businesses, at Boston Direct Health we avoid surprising our patients with unforeseen costs such as co-pays and bills for medical visits. Health insurance can still be used to cover prescription medications, lab work, imaging studies such as XRays and MRIs, and referrals to specialists.

It’s like changing health insurance into car insurance. With car insurance, you pay out of pocket to keep your car running, paying for the gas, oil changes, yearly maintenance tests, but keep insurance in the event of an accident. At Boston Direct Health, we want to keep you healthy so that you don’t need to use your health insurance for your healthcare.

Have more questions? Check out our Primary Care FAQs page!

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