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Boston Direct Health

Modernized Primary Care, Emboldening Every Patient to Perform at Their Very Best.

Boston Direct Health is a leading primary care medical practice in Boston, MA that specializes in general, functional, sexual health, and aesthetic medicine. Our office is led by board-certified family physician, Dr. Steven Zivich. He provides Direct Primary Care (DPC) to remove the hurdles and limitations placed by insurance companies. This method allows us to serve patients with accessible and affordable healthcare. We are also the only practice in Boston that offers DPC. Dr. Zivich and our team are proud to serve men, women, and LGBTQ+ individuals with compassionate, high-quality healthcare.

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Dr. Steven Zivich

Dr. Steven Zivich is a seasoned medical physician in Boston, MA who specializes in primary and holistic medicine. He is board certified in family medicine by the American Board of Family Medicine and certified in functional medicine by The Institute for Functional Medicine.

As a DPC provider, Dr. Zivich is able to spend more time with his patients to understand, diagnose, and treat their medical concerns. His goal is to provide patient-centered care that doesn’t just address presenting symptoms but the underlying problem. He incorporates multidisciplinary modalities to treat patients as a whole.

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Direct Primary Care

An innovative care model that fosters a closer doctor-patient relationship.

Sports Physicals

Ensure your competitive readiness with a professional sports physical.

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Identify gastrointestinal disorders and regain a healthy gut with premier care.

Hormone Balancing

Restore hormone imbalances and your overall health with custom therapy.

Body Composition Testing

Assess your body composition with comprehensive digital testing.

Weight Management

Monitor your weight with medical-based weight management counseling.

P-Shot® and O-Shot®

Boost your sexual health and pleasure with injectable platelet-rich plasma.

Erectile Dysfunction

Treat impotence and elevate your stamina with erectile dysfunction treatment.


Reduce the appearance of dynamic wrinkles and folds with BOTOX.

RF Microneedling

Rejuvenate the health, feel, and clarity of your skin with RF microneedling.

PRP Hair Restoration

Promote new hair growth with minimally invasive platelet-rich plasma therapy.

Nutritional Counseling

Progress your nutritional health and diet with private nutrition coaching.

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Boston Direct Health is one of a few practices in Boston, MA that provides specialty healthcare to LGBTQ+ individuals. Dr. Zivich has a passion for helping patients of all backgrounds and believes each person is entitled to receiving expert medical care. We are also excited to be one of the only offices in Massachusetts to provide state-of-the-art RF technology for nonsurgical aesthetic rejuvenation.

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"Dr. Zivich is the best! Very professional, very knowledgeable, and very personable. You can always connect with his office very easily. Everyone that works there Joe the nurse and the front desk people are extremely kind and helpful. I never leave Dr Zivich's office feeling that I didn't get everything I needed answered. He is seriously the best of the best! Highly recommend!"



"I don’t have a single negative thing to say about Dr. Zivich and his staff at BDH! Every visit has exceeded expectations in regards to friendliness, efficiency, and addressing the reason for my visit. Finding a PCP who genuinely cares about your health and makes you feel like you are more than just a number/appointment is HARD, and I couldn’t recommend BDH enough for their incredible staff and services. I have gone in for: rapid Covid testing, bloodwork, medication changes, physical ailments, and supplementation help. My boyfriend won some free Botox and spoke very highly of the appointment, which was scheduled promptly. That’s another thing- scheduling is so easy. You don’t have to wait weeks for your appointment which happens a lot with PCPs through MassGen/Brigham and other surrounding public healthcare providers. He is also now offering DEXA scans at a separate location, which is a valuable tool for weight loss patients and fitness enthusiasts, and DEXAs available in the New England area are few and far between. Thank you for everything you’ve done, Dr. Steve!"



"Dr. Steve as well as the rest of his team at BDH are amazing. From my initial phone call in which I spoke with the receptionist, Michelle, who was just Great, she made me feel very comfortable as she took the time to answer all of my questions/concerns during a stressful time in my Life as I was trying to find a new PCP with the Pandemic going on. She helped me to book my new Patient consult with Dr. Steve. I was able to secure an appointment within 10 days. ( Not bad considering most of the time it takes months to get a New Patient Appt.) My appointment went Better than I could have ever imagined. I have a bit of a complex case including recently new diagnosis of T2D. Dr. Steve was nothing short of Amazing. His Attentiveness to all the details of "ME" from all of my health care history through my current conditions. He definitely made me feel better going forward knowing that I am no longer just a number mixed in with thousands of others, Direct Care with Dr. Steve is the Only way to go in Today's busy World. I am now Excited for what the future holds for me in that I now have a PCP 24/7 ..365 days a year along with Healthcare Team behind him who has my Healthcare Goals as their Top be the healthiest, Happy version of Me!! I will recommend him to all of my Family and Friends!!"



"I went  to BDH for laser hair removal on legs and armpits. The office is clean and welcoming and Dr. Zivich is fantastic to work with (it's six hour long sessions... so lots of time talking!). He's caring, knowledgeable and takes a holistic/patient-focused approach to wellness.Dr. Zivich was meticulous, he worked with me in early sessions to adjust laser settings based on pain threshold/skin reaction, and passed over stubborn areas 3x in the later sessions, leading to excellent results."



"Truly positive experience at BDH. Easy to find. Space is so welcoming. Staff extremely kind and professional. At 57 years old - I have the common aging deep "11" forehead lines. I felt they made me appear angry when I wasn't at all. I had tried multiple topical products and treatments for years. I went to BDH for a consult for treating those deep forehead/frown lines with Botox. Amanda Digitale RN, BSN was knowledgeable, informative and completely reassuring. We made a plan and I was treated right then and there with the first of the recommended sessions. It was mildly uncomfortable (but- hey it is an injection right?). Total injection time was only a few minutes. I tolerated the treatment with only a mild, dull headache for a few days- which I had been made aware was a potential to occur. After 5 days I really have begun to see RESULTS! I have my follow-up planned and am sooooooooo looking forward to continuing to brighten my face by softening / losing my "11". I feel I have a talented clinician who is truly tuned in to my goal and dedicated to helping me reach it. GO See Amanda at BDH - I promise you will be glad you did!!!"




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