Our Boston Direct Health team strives to provide outstanding care at every step of your wellness journey. We are here to serve you and ensure a smooth experience, no matter how small or great your need. Each of our team members brings a wealth of industry experience to our Boston, MA office and loves helping patients thrive through reliable primary care.

Casandra – Office Manager & Marketing Manager

“One of my favorite treatments is our IV vitamin drips. I leave the office feeling energized, refreshed and healthier after getting my boost of essential vitamins. The red light therapy during the appointment is an amazing and relaxing added perk!”

Photo of Michelle

Michelle – Office Manager

“I love the InBody Scan! It provides a detailed print out of my body weight, mass and tells me where I should be for my height and age so I can be held accountable. There’s no tricking that scale!”

Photo of Vera

Vera – Esthetician

“One of my favorite treatments is an ADVATx. It’s a great treatment for all skin types with no pain and no down time . ADVATx laser treatments use an innovative combination of high powered yellow and infrared laser energy to improve skin tone, texture and overall skin health. You will get a flawless skin, even after the first treatment you will see a very noticeable the results.”

Photo of Penni

Penni – Office Boss Dog

“My favorite treatments are getting cookies from the mailman, getting to lounge in our comfortable waiting area and when patients take me for a walk through the public garden!”

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