Acne can be a debilitating skin condition that affects many people. Unfortunately, finding the right solution can be tricky if you’ve tried many approaches without noticeable improvements to your skin. Thankfully, with AviClear® acne treatment and a comprehensive acne package, you can target the root cause of acne, prevent future breakouts, and achieve smooth, healthy skin.

Dr. Steve Zivich of Boston Direct Health is certified in hormonal therapy and a highly-rated primary care physician. Dr. Steve is well-known for his ability to help anyone struggling with moderate to severe forms of acne find the relief they need to live their best life. With the revolutionary technology of AviClear® and our additional acne treatment services, including prescription support, hormone testing, retinol products, and Morpheus8 for acne scarring, we have helped thousands of people achieve clear skin. Call Boston Direct Health at 617-304-1965 to book your free consultation today.

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What are the benefits of AviClear® acne treatments?

AviClear® offers a unique solution that targets acne’s underlying cause. It doesn’t just hide the symptoms. You can get clear, smooth, and healthy skin in the long term. This cutting-edge treatment is suitable for all types of acne, has minimal downtime, and delivers long-lasting results.

Patients enjoy:

  • Fewer breakouts
  • Smoother skin
  • Safe and painless sessions
  • FDA-cleared non-invasive procedure
  • Convenient 30-minute treatments

Am I a candidate?

AviClear® treats various acne types including cystic, inflammatory, and hormonal acne. You’re in luck if you’re looking for a solution that works on most skin tones and types.

How does it work?

Acne is a complex condition that happens when the skin produces excess oil. This can cause inflammation and bacteria build-up. Hormonal changes, certain medications, and even skincare products can also cause acne. Everyone’s experience with acne is unique. The condition may be more prevalent in some people than others.

AviClear® gets to acne’s root cause. It reduces inflammation, eradicates acne-causing bacteria, and suppresses sebaceous glands. The procedure involves using an FDA-cleared, non-invasive and gentle device, which delivers energy to the skin and kills bacteria.

This novel solution doesn’t only clear existing breakouts. It also prevents new pimples from forming. Say hello to the clear, beautiful skin you deserve.

What can I expect from the results?

AviClear® is clinically proven to produce outstanding results for acne treatment. In a study, a vast majority of patients, over 90%, reported an improvement in their acne. 80% of patients saw at least a 50% reduction in their acne.

Furthermore, AviClear® has demonstrated long-term effectiveness. Patients have expressed experiencing shorter, less intense, and less frequent breakouts. While personal results may vary, these studies suggest that AviClear® is an effective option for treating acne.

Can I combine AviClear® with retinol?

Get even better AviClear® results by combining the treatment with top-quality retinol skincare products. Retinol is a form of vitamin A that speeds up cell turnover. It also unclogs pores and stimulates collagen production. This makes it an effective ingredient in preventing future breakouts and maintaining your AviClear® results.

Avene and ZO Skin Care offer an impressive range of retinol-based products. Our patients use them in combination with AviClear to achieve optimal results. For example, Avene RetrinAL 0.5 Refining Night Cream contains 0.5% retinol. It helps improve the appearance of acne scars and fine lines.

These products are best used under the guidance of a skincare professional like Boston Direct Health. We’ll make sure the products are appropriate for your skin type and condition.

AviClear® vs. other prescription products

AviClear® and prescription support, such as oral tretinoin (Accutane) and oral and topical doxycycline, both treat acne. But there are some key differences between their approaches.

AviClear® doesn’t involve any chemicals or medication. Instead, it uses gentle technology to deliver energy to the skin. This energy kills bacteria and improves overall skin quality. Those who prefer not to take oral medication enjoy AviClear®.

Accutane is a medication that treats severe acne. Like AviClear®, it decreases your skin’s pore size and decreases acne-causing bacteria. Patients take Accutane for several months, and we may adjust the dosage based on their response to it.

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