If you’ve struggled with persistent acne and found little success with over-the-counter products, there’s hope for achieving clear and radiant skin through our non-surgical aesthetic treatments. 

At Boston Direct Health, we understand the frustration that pimples can bring, and we’re here to offer effective solutions tailored to your unique skin concerns. Our expert team specializes in advanced, non-invasive treatments designed to target breakouts and its aftermath, promoting clearer and smoother skin without the need for surgery.

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How does Boston Direct Health treat acne?


AviClear® Quick Facts:

  • AviClear® is the first and only FDA-cleared energy device for treating mild, moderate, and severe acne.
  • Targets the sebaceous glands to reduce active acne at its source so that it is cleared efficiently.
  • The device features an intuitive user interface and unique energy delivery, making it safe and precise.


AgeJET™ Quick Facts:

  • This device converts medical-grade nitrogen gas into nitrogen plasma in order to stimulate natural cell regeneration processes in the skin.
  • Through this regeneration, nitrogen plasma helps to reduce inflammation, minimize sebum production, and eradicate acne-causing bacteria.
  • This non-invasive procedure harnesses advanced plasma skin therapy to address pimples at their core, offering a promising solution for those seeking clearer and healthier skin.


ADVATx® Quick Facts:

  • This is an advanced, FDA-approved laser system that can clear up pimples and breakouts without surgery or extensive downtime.
  • The device’s 1319nm wavelength is absorbed by water in the skin, generating controlled heat that effectively reduces sebum production and curtails the growth of acne-causing bacteria.
  • Simultaneously, the soft pulse technology ensures a gentle and gradual application of the laser, minimizing discomfort and downtime.
  • This non-invasive procedure not only targets existing acne but also stimulates collagen production, promoting overall skin rejuvenation. 

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peel Quick Facts:

  • These treatments typically involve the application of a chemical solution, such as alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), or trichloroacetic acid (TCA), to the skin’s surface. 
  • As the chemical solution penetrates the outermost layer of the skin, it encourages the shedding of dead skin cells, unclogs pores, and removes excess oil.
  • This exfoliation process not only helps to eliminate existing acne lesions but also stimulates the production of new, healthier skin cells. 
  • Peels can reduce inflammation, improve skin texture, and diminish the appearance of any scarring. 

What causes acne?

Acne arises from a combination of factors that impact the skin’s oil-producing glands and hair follicles:

  1. An overproduction of sebum, the skin’s natural oil, can lead to clogged pores, creating an ideal environment for the growth of acne-causing bacteria.
  2. The shedding of skin cells can contribute to pore blockages, fostering the development of comedones or blackheads.
  3. Hormonal fluctuations, often experienced during puberty, menstruation, or pregnancy, play a significant role in acne formation by stimulating the sebaceous glands.
  4. Genetics also play a role, as individuals with a family history of acne may be more prone to experiencing it themselves.
  5. Environmental factors, such as exposure to certain pollutants and humidity, can exacerbate acne. 

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