Hair loss and thinning hair can be extremely demoralizing, especially when traditional treatments fall short of your expectations. Luckily, there is hope and rejuvenation awaiting you with the hair restoration treatments at Boston Direct Health. 

Our personalized approach harnesses the power of your body’s own growth factors to stimulate hair follicles and promote natural hair regrowth. Unlike conventional treatments, our hair restoration treatment is a non-surgical and minimally invasive option that has shown promising results. 

Don’t let the challenges of hair loss affect your confidence any longer—explore the transformative possibilities of hair restoration at BDH in Boston with a free consultation!

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How does Boston Direct Health treat hair loss?

Plasma Hair Restoration

Plasma Hair Restoration Quick Facts:

  • Plasma treatments offer a revolutionary and effective approach to treating hair loss by harnessing the natural healing properties of the body.
  • During treatments, a small amount of the patient’s own blood is drawn, and the plasma, enriched with concentrated growth factors and proteins is extracted. 
  • The plasma is then carefully injected into the scalp, where it stimulates the dormant hair follicles, promotes blood circulation, and encourages the production of new, healthier hair cells. 
  • These treatments are particularly beneficial for those experiencing early stages of hair loss or thinning and provide a safe and minimally invasive option with minimal downtime.

What causes hair loss?

Hair loss and thinning hair can result from multiple factors:

  • Genetic predisposition, with certain individuals inheriting a higher sensitivity to hormones that can contribute to hair thinning. 
  • Hormonal changes, such as those associated with aging, pregnancy, or medical conditions, can also trigger hair loss.
  • An imbalance in androgen hormones, like dihydrotestosterone (DHT), is often linked to hair follicle shrinkage and eventual cessation of hair growth.
  • Other factors include nutritional deficiencies, stress, illness, and certain medications. 

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