Derek D.

Adam B
March 6, 2018

Having Dr. Zivich as my primary care physician for the past three years has been such an amazing experience. He has always gone above and beyond to be there for me. If his schedule is already full, he still makes extra time in the day to see me. When I have a long list of questions, he patiently answers every single one. He is incredibly prompt to answer my messages, even at night and on weekends, and encourages me to always approach him with any concern, no matter how small. Additionally, I am a very active athlete, and Dr. Zivich’s extensive knowledge in fitness leaves me feeling like I am in the best hands when it comes to keeping my body in tip-top condition. Most importantly, what keeps me coming back to Dr. Zivich is his authenticity and genuine care as a health provider. He makes it clear that I am much more than just another patient. I am a person with concerns and worries who is trusting him with my health, and he takes this responsibility very seriously.