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What is an STD Screening?

STD stands for sexually transmitted disease. An STD screening is a nonsurgical assessment that checks for sexually transmitted diseases. While some STDs show symptoms, others don't. If you are sexually active (having vaginal, anal, or oral sex), getting tested is the best way to see if you have an STD. Most STDs can be managed with medical treatment. Look after your sexual well-being and protect your partner from STDs by getting screened today. Same-day appointments can be made at Boston Direct Health in Boston, MA by calling our office directly or scheduling an exam online. Family physician Dr. Steven Zivich is here to provide compassionate, patient-focused care. 

What to expect during an STD Screening

STD screenings are quick and easy. They also do not require any blood work or needles. Most STD screenings are done with a urine sample or swab of the inner cheek. All STD assessments are performed on-site at Boston Direct Health and take a short time to process. Once the results come in, Dr. Zivich can go over them with you. If an STD is found, Dr. Zivich can discuss all your treatment options. Most of the time, STDs can be eased with prescription medication. 

look after Your Sexual Health

An STD screening might sound scary or seem embarrassing, but it's a tool to help you seize control of your sexual well-being. Contact Boston Direct Health today to book your screening. Dr. Steven Zivich will take his time to walk you through the entire process and help answer any questions you might have. Our Boston, MA team looks forward to equipping you with the knowledge you need to care for your sexual health. 

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