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What is PrEP?

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), also known as Truvada, is a pill that can help prevent HIV. It can reduce the chances of contracting HIV from sex by more than 90% and lower the possibility of getting HIV from sharing needles by more than 70%. PrEP is not right for everyone. It's meant for patients who are HIV negative or those who are at high risk of acquiring HIV. To learn more about the safety and benefits of PrEP, call Boston Direct Health in Boston, MA. Our team will be happy to set up a consultation for you to meet with seasoned family physician Dr. Steven Zivich. 

Who is a good candidate for PrEP?

Ideal candidates for PrEP are those who:

  • Have multiple sexual partners
  • Have a sexual partner with HIV or high risk of developing HIV
  • Don't use condoms 
  • Have anal or vaginal sex
  • Share needles or use injected drugs

PrEP needs to be taken every day to achieve the best protection against HIV. Regular doctor visits are also needed when on PrEP. The most common side effects of PrEP include nausea, loss of appetite, stomach pain, and headaches. During your initial consultation with Dr. Zivich, he will assess your sexual history and lifestyle to determine if PrEP is right for you. 

guard against hiv with prep

Protect yourself from HIV with PrEP. If you are sexually active with multiple partners or are at higher risk of attaining HIV, this treatment can help safeguard your sexual health. Contact Boston Direct Health to discuss all the benefits of PrEP with primary care provider Dr. Steven Zivich. Our Boston, MA practice offers both virtual and in-person consultations. 

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