Primary Care Doctor in Boston

At Boston Direct Health, we provide our patients with highly accessible, personalized care any time it’s needed.  That means longer visits with your doctor, and easy ways of communicating outside business hours.

More time and better communication means more time to discuss your health concerns, find the proper diagnosis for your medical conditions, and identify a pathway to living a more healthful life.

We care about your total well-being.  Our primary care physicians get to know their patients, and look upon their relationship as a productive partnership.  We urge anyone, our patient or not, to remember that you are your own advocate for living your best and most healthful life.

At Boston Direct Health, we work hard to ensure that our patients’ voices are heard, no matter what form those voices take.  We don’t just hear you – we listen carefully.

We want to be your partner in health.

We go beyond what most medical facilities do.  We will coach you on how to get the most out of your appointments, what to do to prepare, what to notice and how to talk about your symptoms, even how to track your symptoms so your primary doctor has more and better information.  Let us know about other specialists you see, so we can oversee your total care, and make sure everything works together as it should.  Providing us with a complete family medical history is another way your input is vital.  So is having a complete and accurate list of your current medications.  We can help you put all these parts into place, so you will receive the best possible care.

We encourage you to take notes during your appointment, or to bring a friend.  You will get a lot of information at your appointment, so it’s a good idea to have a record to help your memory.  Don’t be shy about asking questions, or asking for more explanation if you don’t understand.  We’re here for you.

We are now accepting new patients. 

Enroll now and enjoy the many benefits provided through Direct Primary Care.