Direct Primary Care Doctor in Boston

At Boston Direct Health, we provide our patients with highly accessible, personalized care any time it’s needed.  That means longer visits with your doctor, and easy ways of communicating outside business hours.

More time and better communication means more time to discuss your health concerns, find the proper diagnosis for your medical conditions, and identify a pathway to living a more healthful life.

We care about your total well-being.  Our primary care physicians get to know their patients, and look upon their relationship as a productive partnership.  We urge anyone, our patient or not, to remember that you are your own advocate for living your best and most healthful life.

At Boston Direct Health, we work hard to ensure that our patients’ voices are heard, no matter what form those voices take.  We don’t just hear you – we listen carefully.

We want to be your partner in health.

We go beyond what most medical facilities do.  We will coach you on how to get the most out of your appointments, what to do to prepare, what to notice and how to talk about your symptoms, even how to track your symptoms so your primary doctor has more and better information.  Let us know about other specialists you see, so we can oversee your total care, and make sure everything works together as it should.  Providing us with a complete family medical history is another way your input is vital.  So is having a complete and accurate list of your current medications.  We can help you put all these parts into place, so you will receive the best possible care.

We encourage you to take notes during your appointment, or to bring a friend.  You will get a lot of information at your appointment, so it’s a good idea to have a record to help your memory.  Don’t be shy about asking questions, or asking for more explanation if you don’t understand.  We’re here for you.

We are now accepting new patients. 

Enroll now and enjoy the many benefits provided through Direct Primary Care.

Direct Primary Care FAQs

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative medical philosophy that eliminates third party insurance. With DPC, patients can contact their physicians directly for their health care needs. With direct primary care, doctors can keep their practices small and maintain a roster of 400-600 patients as opposed to traditional medical practices, where doctors often juggle 2000-3000 patients.

According to Qliance Medical Management, Inc., patients enrolled in a Direct Primary Care program have on average:
– 80% fewer surgeries,
– 62% fewer references to specialists,
– 59% fewer ER visits, and
– Spend 30% fewer days admitted in a hospital.

How does Direct Primary Care work?

DPC’s follow a monthly membership fee – usually between $75-$125. You are then given immediate access to a private physician. Boston Direct Health’s membership covers ingrown toenail removal, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and many services in between. To put this into perspective, US health spending is estimated to have reached $11,559 per person in 2019, and increased at an average rate of 3.5% per year over teh 2007-2017 period. DPC memberships cost a fraction of that. 

How do Direct Primary Care practices differ from traditional practices?

The biggest difference is accessibility. A study conducted by Merritt Hawkins, an AMN Healthcare company, found that the average wait time for a new patient to see a specialist in Boston is 45 days. If they want to see their family doctor, the average wait time is 66 days. Instead of waiting sometimes more than 2 months to be seen, many patients instead go to the emergency room or urgent care to seek a faster – and usually much more expensive – solution.
Members of a DPC program are able to meet with their doctor on the same or following day, thus evading the process of waiting for their appointment entirely. Patients also enjoy unlimited office visits, no co-pays, and direct, unlimited communication via text, phone, email, or video chat. Outside of some procedures, medications, or labs, the only cost you incur by being a DPC patient is your membership fee.

In addition, traditional doctors spend an average of 15 minutes or less with their patients. Shorter visits increase the likelihood that patients leave with a prescription as opposed to physicians taking more time to determine the root causes of an illness.

Most traditional doctors dislike abbreviated visits, but they lack other options. A study by the American Medical Association that followed 57 US physicians in internal medicine, family medicine, orthopedics, and cardiology revealed that physicians spent 27% of their time seeing patients and 49.2% of their time doing paperwork. While seeing patients—for 15 minutes or less—they spend approximately 37% of that time doing paperwork as well.

DPC patients get a full hour with their physicians and none of that time is interrupted by insurance paperwork. That time is spent developing the physician-patient relationship. This allows for physicians to firmly understand your medical needs, your passions and goals, and to foster a vested interest in your well-being. Having a strong relationship with your physician can allow your doctor to provide more accurate advice on subjects such as nutritional counseling, lifestyle care, preventive care, and your overall medical well-being. There’s no putting a price on that level of care.

How does Boston Direct Health differ from the average doctor’s practice?

Boston Direct Health is one of Boston’s only practices that uses the Direct Primary Care model and emphasizes functional medicine and lifestyle care. We also specialize in nutritional counseling, preventive care, and help you achieve your performance goals.

Why are costs lower with Direct Primary Care?

DPCs can lower costs because of their simplicity. Patients pay a monthly fee that’s often much less than a traditional premium (and that’s not including co-pays and deductibles, which are overhead costs that DPCs don’t have). Boston Direct Health membership fees also cover a wide variety of your basic services and routine exams. They also negotiate significantly lower costs for medications and lab tests.  

What is included with my membership?

Membership benefits include:
– Body composition testing
– Nutritional counseling
– Lifestyle care
– Preventive care
– Medical appointments readily available, same day and/or next day availabilities for sick visits
– No co-pays
– Unlimited, direct communication via phone, email, text, or video chat
– Reduced likelihood of urgent care visits, emergency department visits
– Lab draws (phlebotomy) down in office
– Vaccines (provided at cost) – Influenza vaccines provided for free
– Botox (provided at 20% off for members)
– Facial Fillers (provided at 20% off for members)
– Negotiated prescription discounts on select medications
– Discounted labs and procedures

Free procedures including:
– EKGs
– Skin lesion removal/destruction (warts, skin tags, sun spots)
– Skin lesion excision and biopsy (lab tests not included; provided at cost)
– Laceration repair/wound care
– Incision and drainage of abscess (lab tests not included; provided at cost)
– Ingrown toenail removal
– Ear wax removal
– Breathing treatments (nebulizer)
– Pap smear (lab costs not included; provided at cost)
– Join aspirations/injections
– Thrombosed hemorrhoid – removal of blood clots

We also offer discounts for families and businesses.
In addition, we can provide a large amount of care coordination by phone, email, text, and virtual visits when appropriate. We are available to discuss urgent concerns on nights and weekends when needed. We are working hard to create a practice where you can access us so that you can enjoy greater convenience and peace of mind. 
For pricing and to learn more about membership, contact us today!

Who does this membership plan work best for?

DPC works for anyone who wants to play an active role in improving their health and staying well. This includes:
– Anyone with high-deductible health plans, Health Savings accounts, PPOs, or no insurance
– Patients desiring easy and direct communication with their doctor
– Patients who want a doctor to address the root cause of an illness, not just treat the symptoms
– Self-insured businesses seeking to provide their employees with affordable health care and improved well-being, while simultaneously reducing everyone’s healthcare spending

Boston Direct Health also specializes in care for LGBTQ+ individuals 

What happens if I’m admitted to the emergency room or hospital?

Urgent care visits, emergency room visits, and hospital admissions for serious medical problems are stressful and often confusing for patients and their loved ones. Reach out to a physician at Boston Direct Health. They will facilitate communication with your emergency and inpatient team. 

Do you make home visits or nursing home visits?

Distance and circumstances permitting, we do our best to arrange a home visit for our patients when appropriate.

Do you do telemedicine?


What if I need a specialist?

Board certified in Family Medicine, our physicians have undergone comprehensive training that allows us to handle most of your healthcare needs. However, in the event that you do need to see a specialist, we will help you find the right doctor and coordinate your care.

What if I need urgent care?

If you have a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately. A family member or caregiver can call us later so we can be in contact with the emergency room. For urgent problems that are not emergencies, you can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In many cases, we can diagnose and treat your need without a visit to the ER. Direct primary care has been shown to result in fewer ER visits for members because we can discuss urgent medical needs any time of the day or night, and you can see us the next day!

What if I need medical attention while I’m away from home?

Today’s technology allows us to have virtual meetings, so you can talk to your physician wherever you are. We will help diagnose and treat any medical conditions that can be done by a virtual visit. If you have a condition that requires in-person evaluation and treatment, we will direct you to appropriate, nearby care, and coordinate a follow-up when you return home. 

Insurance FAQ

Does Boston Direct Health accept insurance for these services?

We do not accept insurance. 

Do I still need to have health insurance?

Yes, you do. Our medical practice is not a health insurance program. While direct primary care is more affordable than traditional health insurance, we strongly recommend that you maintain insurance (and/or Medicare). You will need medical insurance in case an unpredictable event affects your health, such as surgery, emergency care, and hospitalization. Not doing so can leave you financially vulnerable if these scenarios where to arise. To minimize costs, Direct Primary Care is often paired with a high deductible health plan (HDHP) and/or a health savings account (HSA).

Direct Primary Care practices are changing the utilization of health insurance. Think of car insurance as an example. With your car, you cover yearly emissions tests, car maintenance such as oil changes and gas out of pocket. If you get into an accident, that’s when your automobile insurance kicks in. 

Can you see me if I have medicare?

Absolutely. We have opted-out Medicare, which means neither our practice nor the member can submit a claim to Medicare for reimbursement for primary care. Medicare or primary insurance payment for medications, blood work, imaging tests, specialty referrals and care, and hospitalization will continue according to your specific plan, without change. 

I have an HMO insurance plan. May I join Boston Direct Health?

If you have an HMO and are interested in joining, please contact us to discuss how to join.

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