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P-Shots & O-Shots Provide Sexual Enhancements for Men and Women

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Unfortunately, most people experience issues with sexual dysfunction at some point in their lives. Men with erectile dysfunction (ED) may feel less than confident about their performance in the bedroom, while women may have a lack of natural lubrication that results in pain and discomfort. This can lead to problems during your most intimate moments with your partner.

Boston Direct Health is proud to offer two cutting-edge procedures for men and women in the Boston, Back Bay, Cambridge, and Somerville, MA area who want to improve their sexual wellness. Learn about the P-Shot® and O-Shot®, which are safe, nonsurgical procedures that use natural growth factors found in your own blood.

Read more about the P-Shot and O-Shot by reading below or contacting our office for a consultation with board-certified family physician Dr. Steven Zivich. Our clinic is pleased to serve men, women, and all members of the LGBTQ+ community.

How platelet-rich plasma works

Medical professionals have been using platelet-rich plasma for years to address soft tissue injuries and cosmetic problems with the hair and skin. The P-Shot and O-Shot also use PRP to treat issues related to sexual health. They are considered holistic treatments because they use your own blood to provide results.

PRP begins with a simple blood draw at Boston Direct Health. The sample is then taken to a machine that separates the different blood components. In the meantime, patients are prepared for one or a series of injections. This includes numbing the treatment area to make sure patients feel as comfortable as possible.

Once the PRP is ready, it is administered using a sterile syringe. While these procedures may seem intimidating at first, patients can rest assured that the P-Shot and O-Shot require no incisions, general anesthesia, or long recovery times in Boston. Sexual activity can resume within several days or when cleared by Dr. Zivich.

P-Shot benefits

A common reason for men to consider the P-Shot is because of problems with erectile dysfunction. While some men turn to over-the-counter drugs, these can prove ineffective or even dangerous. If you have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection, the P-Shot naturally regenerates blood vessels and tissues in the male genital area. Our P-Shot injections can accomplish the following:

  • Improve blood flow to the penis

  • Increase sexual stamina

  • Achieve stronger and firmer erections

O-Shot benefits

It is natural for sexual health to change or decline over time. For women, this means loss of natural lubrication and difficulty with clitoral stimulation. This may be due to menopause symptoms or recent pregnancy and childbirth. The good news is that the O-Shot can help you enjoy a healthy and active sex life again. It reverses these concerns by stimulating new tissue growth. Some O-Shot benefits include:

  • Increased lubrication

  • Decreased pain during sexual intercourse

  • Increased sexual desire

  • Stronger and more frequent orgasms

Learn about the healing properties of PRP

The P-Shot and O-Shot use revolutionary platelet-rich plasma to increase your sexual function and satisfaction. If you want to improve your intimate life, request an appointment with the professionals at Boston Direct Health. We can reverse the effects of aging, hormone changes, menopause, and more. Learn about P-Shot and O-Shot benefits by contacting Dr. Zivich and our team in Boston, MA today.

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