Concierge Medicine Boston

At Boston Direct Health, we’re redefining what it means to be a health-care provider.

We’ve listened to our patients, and we don’t just “hear you” – we’ve made your needs and concerns our top priority.  We’ve created a whole new way of looking at healthcare.

It’s personalized.  It’s pro-active.  And the costs are predictable.

Our patients have longer time with their doctors, but a shorter time to wait.  They can contact their doctors directly at any time, and get an appointment within days.  At your appointment, we’ll spend as much time as needed with you.

More time and better communication means more time to discuss your health concerns, find the proper diagnosis for your medical conditions, and together, create a plan for living a more healthful life.

We don’t see you as a set of symptoms.  We care about your total well-being.  Our primary care physicians get to know their patients.

What’s more, we believe that we are partners in pursuit of health.  We go beyond what most practices do.  We will coach you, not only to meet your personal health goals, but also how to make the most from your visits with your doctor.

We encourage you to be an active partner, and to tell us about your concerns.  We’ll even provide guidance on how to notice, name, track and talk about symptoms.  At your appointments, we encourage asking lots of questions and taking notes.  We also encourage taking a friend with you, so you can leave the note-taking to someone else.

Since our goal is not just health, but vitality, we don’t only see you when you’re sick.  We believe in the benefits of preventive care, so health maintenance, wellness, lifestyle and habits reviews are all an integral part of your care.

And finally, we remove the guesswork about healthcare costs, because we provide all this for a predictable monthly fee.

Personalized.  Pro-active.  Predictable.

At Boston Direct Health, we think healthcare can work better.  Because nothing’s more important than your health.

Live your best possible life, with Boston Direct Health as your partner.  We’ll help you reach your goals.

We are now accepting new patients. 

Enroll now and enjoy the many benefits provided through Direct Primary Care.